I don't go crazy about listing, sign of getting old! I try to keep a bit of a Yorkshire and Norfolk lists and I will always consider the Wath Area as my local patch, wherever I'm living.

World List (IOC): 872 (latest: Ptarmigan, Scotland, Dec. 2019)

GB List (BOURC): 474 (latest: Siberian Stonechat, Cheshire, Dec. 2019)

Norfolk List (BBRC): 355 (latest: Eastern Yellow Wagtail, Sedgeford, Dec. 2019)

Yorkshire List (BBRC): 340 (latest: Barnacle Goose, Spurn, Sep 2020)

+ 2: Yorkshire Birding Lister's League (Fea's/Zino's/Desertas Petrel and Daurian/Turkestan Shrike) 

Barnsley List (BBRC): 233 (latest: Great Reed Warbler, Wintersett Res., May 2019)

Wath List (BBRC): 198 (latest: Red Kite, April 2021)