Sunday 12 December 2021

Caspian Gull 3 - 1 Arctic Warbler (subject to Birding VAR)

The 'Casps' made a quick fire start to this much greater than 90 minutes and very unlikely fixture.

Two goals in the form of the pair of adults at Attenborough NR, Nottinghamshire rocked the Boreal Phylloscs. Good performance from the majestic Larids on Clifton Pit, leading to Albatross like celebrations.

The Arctic Warbler hit back, clearly injured it carried on regardless and gave a hide and seek performance in the centre of midfield a tree, showing its magnificent supercilium on the last day of a stay at windy Hartlepool Headland. Outperforming a nearby Brambling.

The game was over as a stalwart of 'Team Casp' got off the bench in London where it swam, swam a little bit more and reluctantly flew to the delight of the crowd (2 birders present one Saturday morning at Snaresbrook's Eagle Pond) in late November. It took its goal well after robbing a Common Gull with a well timed aerial challenge.

Final Score, Caspian Gull 3 - 1 Arctic Warbler.

Given "Arctic" Warbler complexities could Birding VAR change it to Caspian Gull 3 - 1 Kamchatka Warbler?

Stop Press: It's an Arctic Warbler!

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