Tuesday 1 August 2017

Birding Videos Update

A couple of birding videos uploaded to my YouTube channel. Please enjoy.

Bonaparte's Gull (https://youtu.be/UUMvP3htk60)

The adult returned to Oare Marshes, Kent again this summer and showed very well on my visit in mid July. I would like to think the clicking in the background is the Black-headed Gull having a good scratch, but no it was the North American visitor being well and truly 'papped'. A cracking site, loads of Black-tailed Godwits on show and a Garganey, but the Gull was the centre of attention.

Cape May Compilation (https://youtu.be/HUZRbtfbIEs)

Another brilliant visit to the best birding site in North America IMHO, second best site in the world but it's almost on equal terms with birding the Barnsley Area! Highlights include Northern Harrier, Shorebirds, American Herring Gull and lingering Ducks as well as loads and loads of Bald Eagles with one clip showing an adult rob an Osprey of its fish supper. A good variety of other birds shown from common ones to scarce visitors to the eastern seaboard like the White-faced Ibis.

More videos at YouTube, please click on the Birding Videos (YouTube) section at the top of the page.